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Jul. 28th, 2012 @ 11:27 pm A new phone, and various thoughts
I jumped straight into a Galaxy S III as my first smartphone with minimal experience in the entire category.  My expectations were high.  

I foundCollapse )
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Jul. 7th, 2012 @ 01:52 am I find this GPU benchmark list, while not necessary reliable, amazing because it tests such a wide range of hardware.  

My history:  

Geforce 2 era, 2001, $100, 70 points or so
Geforce 6600 GT, 2006?  $100, 247 points
Geforce 9600 GT, 2008, $100 or so, 930 points.  
Radeon 5850, 2011, $140, 2500 points

When I upgraded a friend's computer with a $100 Radeon 7770 to replace his integrated graphics (probably 2005 era), I brought him from 50 points to 2000 on that scale.   Not a bad buy.
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Feb. 29th, 2012 @ 06:31 pm so Flash
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The STX Soul coach managed to guess the timing KT would use Flash, and snuck in Dear, a PvT "sniper" - player who trains to take down the best Terrans. 

The dude is 6-1 against Terran this season, with his only loss to Flash.  

Dear went for Reaver drop.  He made an insane series of choices designed specifically for Flash, and Flash only.  In a post-game interview, he said that his build performed badly in practice games.  

Now, Flash is known for having absolutely perfect scan placement, but Dear analyzed Flash's satellite scan timing and location tendencies to hide the Robo Support Bay he needed for Reavers.  

Flash starts two turrets calculated at the timing necessary to stop the fastest feasible Reaver drop.  He scouts a fast third base going up with a wall at Deer's front, and sees the blur of an invisible observer scout, didn't see anything with his scans, and knows based on the game time and the units he's spotted that Dear went shuttle and then observer rather than shuttle and then reaver, so reaver's not coming.

Dear spots the turrets going up (which hard-counter his build) and continues with it anyway.  

Flash, deciding that he's safe against reaver drop, cancels both of his turrets momentarily so he can get a slightly faster third base, then remakes them in the exact same spot to stop the next reaver drop timing.

Dear's shuttle comes in during the tiny timing between when the turrets were canceled and before they were rebuilt.  Dear drops the reaver, and does insane damage, then follows it up with a double shuttle mass dragoon push to kill Flash before he can recover.

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Jan. 22nd, 2012 @ 06:09 pm Megaupload Case
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One part of the Megaupload case which has not received significant attention is the company's move to compete with record labels and service independent musicians.

When Megaupload was indicted and shut down, they were in the process of transferring control to record producer Swizz Beats (Alicia Key's husband) as their new CEO and pioneering a new music distribution service.  

This explains the Megaupload ad and music video featuring a who's who of highly placed musicians in the industry; (among many others, kim kardashian, puff daddy,, alicia keys, snoop dogg, chris brown, kanye west, lil john, jamie foxx, serena williams).  

I don't think the government action is directly related to Megaupload's aspirations to be a legitimate competitor; it's been in progress for about two years.  

Unfortunately, any good legitimate distribution mechanism is likely to be descended from piracy - since the law prohibits almost all good content distribution models which are broad enough to compete with currently existing illegal ones.  

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Dec. 16th, 2011 @ 07:39 am Universal Music
justified repeatedly taking down the Megaupload song and censoring the artists involved (kim kardashian, puff daddy,, alicia keys, snoop dogg, chris brown, kanye west, lil john, jamie foxx, and others) by saying they have the right to demand the removal of any video on Youtube regardless of copyright.  

If they were able to browbeat Google into signing such an agreement, they would presumably be correct.  Of course, these deals with the devil are a very well known necessity for providing services for the content industry on the 'net; otherwise, they won't allow you to feature any of their content on your site.  (It's a well-known industry reason why services like Spotify aren't long-term viable - the labels demand all their private financial info and have the ability to kill them at any time by changing the terms.)  

Either way, the implications of this are pretty horrid.  
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Dec. 7th, 2011 @ 07:52 pm intellectual property
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THIEVES splinting legs and stopping bleeding. 

What gives them the right to use the same techniques that innovators pioneered?  What gives them the right to steal the hard-earned lifesaving methods inventors discovered?  

The only unfortunate fact is that it is too late to protect so many of these ingenius ideas with intellectual property law.  If only the Supreme Court acted sooner.  

Supporters of theft will probably claim that these kinds of patents prevent saving millions of lives.  If you want your life saved go invent your own medicine, or license it!  Just because you want something doesn't make taking it from someone else right.

For clarity:  This case is about allowing a company to patent a method for treating a disease.  For example, you might give someone Aspirin if you detect something in their blood.  Even if Aspirin isn't patented, the idea of using it to treat a certain condition is.  

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Nov. 14th, 2011 @ 02:09 am Pirates copy
Copyright owners steal
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Sep. 15th, 2011 @ 03:34 pm COPYRIGHT WINNERY AND PATENT LOVE
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IBM has a very interesting business model: systematically patent everything and sell them off. Not only has it been the unchallenged leader in number of patents approved, it sold over two thousand to Google alone for use in the patent wars.

In response to the chaos of patents, Congress approved patent reform which will move us from a first to invent system to a first to file one.  Since filing for patents is exceptionally expensive (thousands of dollars per individual patent), this is great for corporations like IBM which have significant capital.  It's also helpful in the sense you can just patent inventions created by regular people, getting a head start on the whole R&D process.


In other news, Netflix's stock has fallen by forty percent after they were forced to raise prices as content creators tighten up the screws.  With the loss of Starz and a few other moves like this, Big Media could easily this goose.
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Aug. 11th, 2011 @ 01:35 am WTF HP?!
 I wonder how anyone manages to buy any sort of computer.

HP's laptops.

AMD laptop:  quadcore, new architecture, 2.3 ghz.
Intel laptop;  quadcore, new architecture, 2.0 ghz.

The Intel is 3x as fast..  3.5x as fast on Cinebench and 3Dmark Vantage.  In fact, even dual core Intel Sandy Bridge chips are faster than the quad AMD.  

Now, granted, your average user probably doesn't need a fast CPU.  Upgrading the slow laptop hard drive to an SSD would improve day to day performance more for some.  

That said, if you're gaming, having a CPU THREE TIMES as fast might come in handy, and there's no way for the reasonable buyer to understand what they're getting other than knowing how to google outside benchmarks.  When it comes to graphics, retailers are even worse - the first upgrade, which costs $25, doubles your gaming performance.  The second upgrade ($75) does absolutely nothing.

What makes this obscene is that the retailer's page is loaded with technical specs and marketing jargon which means absolutely nothing - ghz, amount of RAM, etc.  I imagine that the vast majority of people buying computers go, ok, this CPU has 2.3 ghz, this graphics has 2 GB, this only is 2 and that's less than 2.3 and this is 1 GB and that's less than 2 GB.

aaaaaaaarrrrrrrghhhhhh.  This is what happens when AMD's "new architecture" is only as fast as their 4 year old one.

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Aug. 10th, 2011 @ 03:57 pm WHY I LOVE ESPORTS

random Protoss platinum Starcraft II player buys lesson from Cella, member of the top Korean sc2 clan Slayers

ends up with another four Slayers members (one of them one of the world's best Protoss players) crowded around Cella all yelling at him at once 


bad blink

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